2014 Heineken South China Area A table football match starts the 100-person table tennis challenge
At 2:45 a.m. on May 25, 2014, a world-famous world-class football prosperity-UEFA Champions League finals kicked off in Lisbon.In the 59-year history of the Champions League (European Champions League), this is the first time that the finals have been met by teams from the same city, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.This made Madrid, the capital of Spain, the center of European football, and Lisbon on May 25, as well as a place of celebration and loss for Madrid.  As the main sponsor of the Champions League for eight consecutive years, on the night of the Champions League peak battle, the world-renowned beer brand Heineken set off the Champions League carnival night in the leading show of Quanzhou!At 22:30 on May 24, the Champions League final carnival night sponsored by Heineken Beer and the kick-off ceremony of the foosball match in South China’s Zone A were kicked off. The kick-off officially kicked off, detonating a football feast and carnival!  Heineken has always advocated a healthy life and pursued quality. In order to let consumers feel the passion and joy brought by the Champions League, dating originates from the European fashion sports-“Heineken table football game” for the majority of consumersCreate a unique summer football carnival.It is understood that the table football match in the entire South China Area A will be reset from June to July, involving Quanzhou, Jinjiang, Fuzhou, Zhangzhou, Xiamen, Longyan, Putian, Chaoshan, Changsha, and Kunming.In every game, the champion will get out of print football equipment, and the regional champion will go to Shanghai to participate in the national finals!Highlight One: The creative opening table football game officially kicked off on the night of the 24th.Upon entry, the stylish and cool spherical door head and the huge Heineken image light box attracted passers-by to stop and let the guests instantly enter the dream world of football and beer.The hot and sexy foreign Heineken girl at the door is even more eye-catching, and many handsome hot girls have taken photos together.  Cool DJ technology playing discs, glamorous football baby dance, accompanied by DJ light show dazzling opening.Jumping and agitating following dynamic notes, people are immersed in the world of green light.At 22:30, the guests lifted the Champions League trophy and showed it to the cheering audience, and placed it on the seat; the UEFA Champions League table football table rose slowly from the center of the stage in people’s breath, igniting the passion of the audience, the Champions League final was inKick off here in advance!Highlights The 200-person Billiards Challenge and the King of the Ball game started with up to 128 people playing a foosball match at the same time. This was another highlight of the night, setting the record for the largest number of people playing foosball matches in China.  There are a total of 32 football tables on the scene, and each of the 2 participants is a team. A total of 64 teams participate in the PK at the same time. The 32 top teams have decided to play the table football competition in the form of group matches!The final champion won a viewing fund worth 4999 yuan!  In addition to the exciting table football competition, the colorful interactive performances in the stage area also stirred the audience’s hearts.The sexy dance of the hot football baby made the atmosphere high.Female singers from the charming atmosphere of Europe sing classic football theme songs, gentle and charming, and wonderful street fancy football performances, let the audience feel the pure charm of football culture!  On-site exciting beer competition competition, a group of players on the same stage “blow bottle” led the audience to compete fiercely.The winners in each group won the exquisite prizes sent by Heineken, and the ultimate champion won the “Big Drink King” trophy, which won applause and applause from the audience!  At 04:35 in the morning, the Champions League final ended with a big reversal from Real Madrid. Real Madrid defeated Atletico Madrid 4-1 and won the St. Belgrade Cup for the 10th time.  It is reported that all the merchants who led SHOW World that night launched the Heineken Beer Champions League discount package to cheer for the start of table football and the Champions League peak night.People on the scene were crazy again for football and Heineken beer, and spent an unforgettable football night!