Have you seen the time of fried Chinese medicine

Everyone who has drunk Chinese medicine knows that it needs to be cooked to make it.

However, how to grasp the time of decoction of Chinese medicine, it is estimated that many people have caused distress, fearing that the time of decoction of Chinese medicine will affect the efficacy of Chinese medicine for too long or too short.

Under normal circumstances, the time for frying Chinese medicine is about 20?
30 minutes, is this the most suitable time?

How long is the time limit for frying Chinese medicine?

  Generally speaking, before decocting medicine, soak the medicine with cold water to make the medicine completely permeated with water, so that it can be effectively dissolved, and then decoction with water.

When decoction, usually boil the liquid with Wuhuo, and then slowly decoction with gentle fire.

One medicine is usually fried twice, and the two fried medicines are mixed together, about 300?
500 ml, then divide into two bowls, one bowl each morning and evening.

  When looking for the exact time for decoction of traditional Chinese medicine, we need to pay special attention to the fact that due to the gaps between the medicines, the methods, procedures, and times of decoctions are different.Fried, some medicines should be fried.

The decoction time of some antihypertensive drugs should be shorter. The aromatic drugs such as Huoxiang, Pelan, and mint, as well as some fresh medicines, should also be cooked short, usually when other drugs are about to be cooked.

And some mineral, shellfish or animal drugs, such as raw gypsum, magnet, raw oyster, raw stone Cassia, etc., are relatively hard, you need to fry for about 20 minutes, and then fry other drugs.

In addition, there are some drugs that need to be fried, such as small seeds, powders, drugs that are easy to burn, or drugs that have burrs and are easy to stimulate the throat or digestive tract. They should be wrapped with gauze.decoction.
  The time for frying Chinese medicine varies with the granularity of the drug, the frying method and the procedure.

Similarly, the method of taking Chinese medicine should also be used flexibly.

Now generally used to take 2 doses of a medicine, take it on an empty stomach before meals in the morning, and take it before bed at night after meals.

For those who have irritating drugs, they should be taken after meals; insomnia drugs should be taken before bedtime; patients who have difficulty taking traditional Chinese medicine can be divided into small and multiple doses; acute and severe diseases are not divided into time.