Nba Nash voiced for Freud and deepened the split between black and white
Nba Nash voiced for Freud and deepened the split between black and white. Black George Freud was violently enforced by white police and died. This caused a huge sensation in the United States. Many NBA stars condemned this racial discrimination.To demand fairness and justice, Canadian white star Steve Nash also joined them, but he was met with opposition from netizens.  Nash believes that as white people, they should take responsibility and strive to change the status quo.Nash changed his Twitter profile picture to Freud and pasted it on top: This is a white man’s problem.How do we Caucasians create equality?Listen, read, walk in the shoes of others, organize, sacrifice, change, support, vote!These things are the minimum we have to do.  Nash’s original intention was to arouse empathy and empathy, but the result was far unexpected. Many people accused Nash of saying that deepened the differences between blacks and whites, and some people accused Nash of black people’s atrocities during protests.Not to mention.  A netizen questioned: So they want to rob the local mall?Nash replied: This is racial discrimination for hundreds of years, but what you care about is sneakers, business.I will not tolerate the robbery of these people, but I can understand that because it is caused by the pain accumulated over the decades.  Another netizen refuted Nash: Sorry, I refused to wear stolen shoes.Nash replied: This is the problem. When judging shoe theft, you have to think of hundreds of years of racial discrimination.  The mother of a mixed-race child also disagrees with this view. She believes that this is everyone’s problem. Everyone needs to be supported, understand and work hard to make the world better. Only when everyone is united can it be better.  A relatively moderate netizen said that although white people created problems such as slavery, ordinary white people are innocent, and they have no way to solve these problems.He also accused Nash of racial discrimination in disguise if he blamed everything on white people.This is not a race issue, but a class issue.  From the comments of netizens and Nash’s reply, it is indeed a very difficult thing to build a bridge between black and white people. Original title: NBA famous places tweeted to condemn white netizens Hui Yu: You are also racist