Progress of “Double Hundred Enterprises”: 40% carry out mixed reforms and nearly 20% implement equity incentives
Sauna Night News (Reporter Gu Zhijuan) On April 3, the reporter learned from the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council that the comprehensive reform of the “Double Hundred Enterprises” affiliated to the central enterprise has achieved positive results.As of the end of 2019, the completion rate of the gradual reform tasks of the “Double Hundred Enterprises” affiliated to central enterprises reached 55.14%.41.55% of the “Double Hundred Enterprises” expanded their mixed ownership reforms at this level, of which 53% were held by unconventional capital holdings over 1/3.49%; 62.65% of “Double Hundred Enterprises” have carried out mixed ownership reforms at the scale of sub-enterprises.The “Double Hundred Actions” for the reform of state-owned enterprises started in August 2018. The State Council ‘s State-owned Enterprise Reform Leading Group decided to select more than 100 central enterprise sub-enterprises and more than 100 local state-owned key enterprises (referred to as “Double Hundred Enterprises”) to promote comprehensive reform.According to the list released by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission in August 2019, the number of “Double Hundred Enterprises” has increased to 446, including subsidiaries of central enterprises and local state-owned enterprises.Company, Beijing Foreign Enterprise Human Resources Service Co., Ltd., North Huachuang Technology Group Co., Ltd.According to SASAC data, 82.49% of “Double Hundred Enterprises” established a board of directors at this level.The “Double Hundred Enterprises” Board of Directors has made more and more important decisions on the long-term development decision-making power of the board of directors, the right to select and hire managers, the performance appraisal power, the salary management power, the employee salary distribution power, and the management power of major financial matters.58% of the “Double Hundred Enterprises” Board of Directors granted the above multiple powers, 26.07% of the “Double Hundred Enterprises” board of directors was granted all six powers.The proportion of “Double Hundred Enterprises” at the current level and the expansion of the scale of the sub-enterprise managers’ tenure and contract management reached 45, respectively.91% and 45.14%, the proportion of professional managerial personnel recruitment reached 22 respectively.18% and 33.07%, basically realized the market-based employment mechanism with contract management as the core and position management as the basis.”Double Hundred Enterprises” generally widens the salary gap between members of the leadership team at this level. The multiple of the highest and lowest among members of the same leadership team averages 1.46 times.In addition, 19% of the “Double Hundred Enterprises” have implemented shareholding incentives for conventional holdings of listed companies, 18% have implemented shareholdings and dividend incentives for conventional technology-based companies, 27% have implemented employee shareholdings in joint-stock companies, and 42% have adoptedOther methods have established medium and long-term incentive mechanisms.35% of the “Double Hundred Enterprises” have fully solved the problems left over by history.97 in “Double Hundred Enterprises”.28% of the completion of the party building work generally requires entering the company’s articles of association; 80.16% realized the party committee secretary and chairman “one shoulder to shoulder”.Among the “Double Hundred Enterprises” that have been mixed, 79.23% have established party organizations.The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission said that overall, the progress and progress of the “Double Hundred Enterprises” in completing key tasks for the reform of state-owned enterprises is generally better than that of other sub-enterprises, and the leading demonstration role has initially appeared. In the next step, we will replicate and promote the good experience and good practices explored by the “Double Hundred Enterprises” in the size range.Sauna, Ye Wang Gu Zhijuan Editor Zhao Ze proofreading Li Shihui