Hundred yuan beauty secrets for glamorous Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing, who has long black hair and fair skin, seems to be hooked with the word “beautiful” and has been selected by netizens as the top ten beautiful actresses in the circle, especially with a pair of big eyes.However, the natural beauty also requires the maintenance of the day after tomorrow. Bingbing also has a set of skin care experience. It is extremely simple and it all starts with “natural”!

  Fan Mi Bingbing’s debut is now getting more and more beautiful, with long black hair, snow white ice muscle and a pair of big eyes.

However, even the most beautiful people need more care and skincare methods. She said: “I prefer natural things, like skin care. I like to use indica rice most. This is the method my family always loves. I often use it.Drinking barley water and barley soup is really effective for the skin!

“In addition to barley water, Bingbing also likes bathing in milk. Among the bathing materials, she likes to use milk most. After immersion, she feels that the skin is particularly smooth and feels very good. As for the red wine that is loved in the workshop,Sake bath, she bluntly less dips, so I do n’t know how effective it is. If there is time in the future, she must experience it to see if it is suitable for her.

  In terms of beer hair care, you can’t often sit in the salon for several hours to condition your hair.

She said: “Every week I take the time to protect my hair with beer. The method is very simple. As long as I wash my hair with beer, soak it for about ten minutes before I wash my hair, the hair absorbs the nutrients of beer, which is very smooth.It’s slippery, and the method is ok, it’s worth a try.

“To avoid exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays is the” public enemy “of excess women. Helplessly, Bingbing often goes out to shoot movies. Fan Bingbing said with a smile:” When I first filmed a movie, I didn’t pay attention to this problem. Of course I understand that the sun is indeed true.I try to avoid being exposed to the sun. If I can’t avoid it, I will keep sun protection products, but the index of replacing sun protection will not be too high.

I drink a lot of water, not just for good skin. Drinking more water is also good for my body.

Fan Bingbing, a workaholic who has no intention of sleeping, advocates naturalness, and her skincare experience comes from the common beauty methods in the workshop. However, when Bingbing also violates the “beauty method”, she has long-term lack of sleep. She said: “Because I’m a personPeople who can’t stop working many times until late at night. For the past few years, I have only slept for three or four hours a day.

“Lack of sleep is definitely the enemy of beauty. Asked if there is an alternative?

Bingbing said: “No, I know that lack of sleep is a taboo for beauty, but I don’t think there are any major problems. Maybe it is natural to sleep less!

As long as you work, people are very energetic.

“Sometimes it’s not just a big price to use the best products to make your skin better.

Learn how star celebrities take care of themselves, maybe you will find ways to save money and be beautiful!