Chengdu open war epidemic account book: spending more than 1.4 billion US dollars of emergency supplies accounted for nearly 60%
The fight against the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic in China has been going on for 2 months. The amount of money spent during this period is a matter of concern to many people.  On March 24th, the Chengdu Municipal People ‘s Government Antique City Finance Bureau launched the “Chengdu Face-to-Party Party Style, Political and Political Hotline” program, and the on-line and connected guests included the Chengdu Finance Bureau Party Group Member and Deputy Director Wang Zhaohui, and the Budget Division Director Yang Wei,Luo Jiahong, Director of Performance Management Department, He Xiaoxia, Treasury Department, etc.The screenshot from the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government portal program discussed Chengdu’s “under the general situation of relevant epidemic prevention and control funds guarantee” “accelerating the process of resuming production and resuming production, how to ensure that the financial support policy shortcuts are in place” and other issues.  The funds for epidemic prevention and control have been cumulatively expanded.During the period of US $ 68 trillion, Wang Zhaohui, deputy director of the Party Leadership Group of the Chengdu Municipal Finance Bureau, said that as of March 23, the city had allocated funds for epidemic prevention and control.6.8 billion US dollars, mainly arranged in the following aspects: during the epidemic, the patient ‘s financial assistance subsidy was 3.13 million, the temporary work subsidy for prevention and control personnel during the epidemic was 7.44 million, and the procurement of emergency materials for the epidemic was 8.54 trillion, the emergency project supported by the new coronary pneumonia technology is 21.1 million, and the reconstruction of the ward of the designated hospital of the new coronary pneumonia is 1.5 trillion, support for production and supply of epidemic prevention materials is 35 million.  Wang Zhaohui said that since the outbreak, the city ‘s financial system has established a territorial management, a tiered burden guarantee mechanism, and priority is given to safeguarding the costs of epidemic prevention and control.Ways to open a green channel for funds to ensure that funds for epidemic prevention and control are available in time.Among them, the two major aspects of medical treatment and the supply of emergency supplies were mainly guaranteed.  Wang Zhaohui pointed out that from the perspective of medical treatment, all people with new coronary pneumonia infection in Chengdu will receive free medical treatment. The necessary costs for compliance in implementing medical treatment will be fully paid by the financial department after basic medical insurance, serious medical insurance, and medical assistance are paid according to the regulations.Bear the bottom.  In the program where the epidemic has a huge impact on financial revenue in the short-term, Zhang Zhaokun, a citizen representative of the special supervisor, questioned: “I have just heard that the Finance Bureau has introduced a lot of response progress after the epidemic occurred.What about unrelated fiscal policies?”Here, Yang Wei, director of the budget department of the Party Committee of the Chengdu Municipal Finance Bureau, responded to some of Chengdu’s methods for solving supplementary expenditures.  Yang Wei said that the reduction is to adjust the expenditure structure. Specifically, the blade is inward, and the general expenditure is reduced. On the basis of the initial reduction of 10%, it is further reduced by 10%. There are some projects originally arranged because of the outbreak.As conditions permit, it cannot be carried out now, and Chengdu will adjust this part of the funds for overall use.Then there is the special fund for the industry category, which requires the special fund to adjust its direction. It is mainly used for the stable economy affected by the epidemic and the relief of crisis for enterprises.  At the same time, according to the budget system, a portion of the reserve fee is reserved when the budget is originally prepared each year. This reserve fee is used exclusively for emergency relief and other unforeseen expenses.  Yang Wei said that the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic will have an impact on all aspects of the society and economy, and it will certainly have an impact on both the revenue reduction and the increase in expenditure.In terms of income impact, after preliminary analysis, there are three main aspects, that is, the short-term impact is huge, the relative impact is limited, and the long-term upward trend remains unchanged.  The short-term impact is huge. From the data in February, the fiscal revenue in February already showed a significant negative growth.The increase in refractive index is gradually negative4.2%, the month of February is negative 16.1%, it should be said that the impact of income reduction has begun to show up, so that it is only partial and staged.  Yang Wei pointed out that there is a certain lag in fiscal revenue. The trend in February is more a reflection of the economic performance before February. The true impact of February on finances should be realized in March or even three months later, so it is expectedIn the first quarter, the decline in fiscal revenue will be further expanded, it should be said that the short-term impact on fiscal revenue is still great.  Yang Wei said that the relative impact is limited mainly from two aspects. One is from the industry. The catering, accommodation, culture, sports, entertainment, transportation and other industries that have been seriously affected by the epidemic account for less than the contribution to the scale of Chengdu.3%; secondly, from the perspective of enterprises, it is the small and medium-sized enterprises that are seriously affected by the epidemic, but from the perspective of tax reductions and fees in recent years, small and medium-sized enterprises, especially small and micro-enterprises, generally enjoy tax reliefPolicy, the proportion of contribution to the budget is not large, and as the main force of budget contribution, large enterprises and large groups are relatively limited.Therefore, from these two aspects of analysis, the impact of the epidemic on fiscal revenue is still relatively controllable and limited.  During the period, netizens “Hua’er” asked, “The epidemic has invested so much money. Is there any account for the money?”Can a pen be used well?The Chengdu Municipal Finance Bureau responded that, at present, the city finance is actively strengthening the settlement management of the epidemic prevention and control funds with relevant units.At the same time, dating the entire audit and supervision, the municipal finance bureau further cooperated with the municipal audit bureau to carry out supervision and audit of epidemic prevention and control funds to ensure the safety of funds.  In addition, Yang Wei also said: “After the outbreak, we also analyzed and researched ourselves. There is also a certain shortcoming in our public health construction. This is also the focus of our financial future investment. From now on, our budget arrangement will alsoWell, the allocation of funds is also important. An important aspect is that we are inclined to public health and are committed to establishing a set of public health financial allocation system suitable for our city.”Sauna, Ye Wang Xiao Wei Li Yunqi editor Sun Yong proofreading Liu Jun reporter contact email: xiaowei @