2 seconds

Love at first sight requires at least 8.

2 seconds

Scientists point out that it takes at least 8 at first sight for a man to fall in love at first sight.

2 seconds.

  The longer a man looks at the woman she sees for the first time, the more she likes her.

  If he was watching for only 4 seconds, he probably didn’t feel her at all.

But if it exceeds 8.

In 2 seconds, he may have fallen in love with her.

  However, this is not the case for women.

Regardless of whether they are interested in them, women’s gaze continues for the same amount of time.

  Researchers used a miniature camera to secretly track the eye movements of 115 students when they first spoke to some men, and then asked these students to rate the attractiveness of their personality objects.

  The average gaze time of male students on mainstream eyes that they think is beautiful is 8.

2 seconds, while the prime time for those who find it unattractive will be 4 seconds.

5 seconds.

  However, female students’ gaze time is basically the same.

Researchers believe that men use eye communication to find suitable and different partners.

  Women are more accustomed to paying careful attention to each other’s overlapping characteristics, such as whether they are single parents or orphans.