Live broadcast of Malaga VS Real Madrid in the 38th round of La Liga on May 22
At two o’clock in the morning on May 22, Beijing time, the 2016/17 season La Liga will start the 38th round of the game. Real Madrid will play against Malaga. As long as Real Madrid does not lose in this game, it will win the La Liga championship.Recently, Ronaldo’s status is very good. Whether Real Madrid can win the championship, Ronaldo’s performance will be crucial.Málaga VS Real Madrid live address: Click to enter the 38th round of La Liga. Málaga VS Real Madrid match record: In the past 34 years, Real Madrid has only lost one game in Malaga, which was on December 22, 2012, Real Madrid.The goal was broken three times, one of which came from Isco and Real Madrid lost 2-3.The last defeat will return to the 1983-84 season, Malaga 6-2 victory over Real Madrid. In the 34 years since then, Real Madrid have visited Malaga 18 times at home and scored 17 wins, 10 draws and 1 lossRecord.  The 38th round of La Liga vs. Real Madrid status analysis: Real Madrid is only one step away from defending. At present, the Galaxy Battleship is full of firepower, and basically no team can stop them.In the last two games, Real Madrid have achieved a 4 to 1 victory. Neither Sevilla nor Celta could stop Real Madrid.Ronaldo is very confident about winning the championship. Ronaldo said in an interview with reporters: We are well aware that Malaga are not easy to play at home, and their strength at home is very strong.In the next round of road games, we must win.  Can Malaga create a miracle at home and beat Real Madrid? From the recent state, this is possible. In the last four homes, Malaga has won 4 consecutive victories. Among them, they beat Barcelona 2-0.Beat Seville 4-2.Despite worry-free relegation, Malaga’s fighting spirit is still very high.Of course, it is very easy for Maratha to play. Captain Camacho said that we did not feel any pressure against Real Madrid on Sunday. For us, this is just a La Liga.  La Liga’s 38th round of Malaga vs Real Madrid game highlights: At present, Real Madrid leads Barcelona by 3 points and remains undefeated against Malaga. Real Madrid will regain the league title after five years.Last season, Real Madrid won the Champions League, and then, once Real Madrid broke Barcelona’s defending, only to truly rule La Liga.Yingjia International has been moving side by side with top international sports events.This game concerns the attribution of the La Liga champions and is bound to attract the attention of fans all over the world.  At the most crucial moment of the season, Cristiano Ronaldo recovered his status. In the last five games, Cristiano Ronaldo scored 8 goals. Although it is no longer possible to obtain the La Liga Golden Boots this season, Cristiano Ronaldo’s good state is needed by Real Madrid.Against Malaga, whether Real Madrid can successfully win, Ronaldo’s performance is substantial.In addition, Real Madrid have more important to play in the final of the Champions League, Cristiano Ronaldo’s status attracts attention.