Fall skin rejuvenation massage is the most effective

The autumn breeze rises, and the skin that has been tested for a summer is the time to recuperate.

Massage should be the most effective cosmetic method to maintain skin health and vitality in autumn.

Because massage is a kind of strong and weak stimulation, it can promote blood circulation and normal sebum and sweat secretion. Massage does not have to be done in a beauty salon. It can be done at home.time.

After the massage, the skin on the face needs rest, so it is best to do the massage before bedtime.

  2. Preparation for massage.

After washing or bathing, the facial skin is clean and moist, which is the best time to massage.

Massage can not be “dry rubbing”, be sure to apply a layer of massage cream first, you can also apply some special olive oil for makeup.

Massage cream or olive oil smoothes the skin on the face and smoothes the fingers and palms.

If you do not apply anything, it will easily damage the subcutaneous fibers on the face and make the skin rough.

  3. Basic movements of massage.

The basic movements of massage are “kneading”, “knocking” and “pinching”.

Kneading must be performed in the direction of the muscles and the flow of blood.

The main point is to wipe around the eyes in a circle, the nose bridge moves up and down, and the rest extends from the middle and rubs; tapping is with the belly of your fingers, it is more alternative than rubbing, it is most suitable for preventing wrinkles around the eyes; pinch is when youWhen you want to speed up blood circulation on both cheeks, pinching with your thumb and index finger is very effective.

These three methods can be used independently, but it is best to use them together. Note that the methods must be gentle and it is appropriate to feel pressure on the face.

  After the massage, follow the normal procedure for evening skin care.