2015 Chile America’s Cup Opener Chile vs Ecuador Preview: Host to Win
At 7:30 in the morning on June 12, Beijing time, the opening game of the 2015 America’s Cup, Chile sat in the Santiago National Stadium against Ecuador.Hosts will meet the challenge of Ecuador in the opening game Highlights January 2015, the opening game of the America’s Cup: Chile will start the opening game of the America’s Cup with Ecuador. From the past experience, the opening game of the competition has always been difficult to play.In the last America’s Cup, the host Argentina was tied 1-1 by Bolivia.The hosts of the America’s Cup in 2004 and 2007 also failed to win the opener.The last time the host won the Copa America opener was back to the Colombian Copa America in 2001, when Colombia defeated Venezuela 2-0.This time, the home battle of Chile was praised by the media as one of the favorites to win the championship. It is very important for them to play the opener.Chile last hosted the America’s Cup in 1991, when they defeated Venezuela 2-0 in the opener.  2. Chile has a world-class median: Chile of course hopes to win the starting point. After gradual exploration and adjustment, Samboli has basically activated a 3412 tactical system. Isla and Eginio Mena bothA wing will be crazy assisted, Bravo Medel Vidal Sanchez’s world-class mid-tilt will provide Chile with more stability.The Red Devils of South America hope to be able to win the Copa America Championship historicly at their doorstep.  3. Ecuador’s injury was severely reduced: Before the America’s Cup, Ecuador had lost five main players due to injuries, namely Manchester United stars Antonio Valencia, Kesedo, Angel Mena, Arroyo andJaime Ayovi.The absence of these five people has a great impact on Ecuador’s strength, which means that Gentros’ team must rely more on teamwork.The injury-affected Ecuador is viewed by the outside world, and it is also important for them to play well in the first game.  4. Ace vs. Ace: Sanchez PK Enna Valencia: 26-year-old Sanchez scored 25 goals and 12 assists for 52 appearances for Arsenal in the past season, helping the team win the FA Cup championshipAnd was elected the best player of the season.In the Chilean national team, part of Sanchez is also important. At present, he has scored 26 goals for the South American Red Devils. He has the most active players and ranked fourth in the history of the Chilean scorer list. Enna Valencia in Brazil last yearHe became famous in the World Cup and was able to transfer to the Premier League team West Ham United.In the past season, he scored 5 goals for the Hammer Gang. Although the number of goals has not satisfied West Ham fans, but returning to the Ecuador national team, Enna Valencia is the absolute main force.  5. Keep stadium violence away from football: Conventionally, South American games are always passionate and stadium violence is not uncommon.In order to better build a healthy and progressive America’s Cup that belongs to fans, the Chilean government has promulgated a new law before the America’s Cup, which will severely punish the violence and racial discrimination that occurred during the America’s Cup.Relevant departments have mastered a list and information of 1,150 foreign football hooligans. The police will closely monitor these people during the America’s Cup.Voice before the game Sang Pauli (Chile coach): The game with Ecuador will be very difficult, they have some very fast players, they will use space.I know there will be pressure on home battles, and I hope to turn pressure into a motivation for chasing success, not fear of losing.We have to learn how to deal with the extra pressure. We will have a team different from last year’s World Cup in Chile. We will choose the best way to win the game.  Vidal (Chile midfielder): We want to win the Copa America, now we have a great team, we will seize this best opportunity.We are not aware of the additional pressure, the whole team is eager to win the trophy, we have a home advantage.  Quinteros (Ecuadorian coach): We know that host Chile is the favourite to win the championship, but we have a way to deal with them, and we are confident to perform well in the opener.Chile’s counterattack is very fast, we will strengthen the confrontation, we are not worried about one-on-one.  Novoa (Ecuador midfielder): The pressure is all on Chile, we are here to seek victory.But to be honest, Jermaine Ayovi’s injury was a big blow to us, but we have a good team and we want to perform best in the America’s Cup.The confrontation records the eighth confrontation between the two sides in the latest match. Chile has 4 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses, which is basically equal to the opponent.The last time the two sides met in the Copa America was in 2007, when Chile defeated Ecuador 3-2 in the group stage.Injury situation Chile: Injury: Carmona Ecuador: Injury: Antonio Valencia, Kesedo, Angel Mena, Arroyo, Jerome Akerov (kerlon) predicts the starting Chile (3412): Goalkeeper: 1- Bravo Defender: 18-Hala, 17-Middle, 3-Albonoz Midfielder: 4-Isra, 21-Diaz, 20-Alangis, 2-Eginio Mena midfielder: 8-Vidal forward: 11-Vargas, 7-Sanchez Ecuador (442): Goalkeeper: 1-Domingos guard: 4-Paredes, 7-Archerial, 6-Irazo, 19-Walter-Ayovi midfielder: 5-Ibara, 9-Novoa, 16-Lastra, 12-Montero Forward: 10-Enna-Valencia, 18-Boranos