Substitute athletes have gained a lot, and Bertens won $ 500,000 in a game
The 2019 Shenzhen WTA year-end finals finals will continue to compete in the red group stage tonight. Temporary replacement of Naomi Osaka’s Bertens defeated top seed Batty 2-1, retaining the opportunity to qualify for the group.Bertens, who just finished playing “End of Year” last week, also became the first player to participate in the same year-end year-end final in the same eight years.Bertens defeated No. 1 Batty in the world.Figure / Shenzhen WTA year-end finals On Sunday, Bertens just participated in the Super Classic in Zhuhai, which was called the “small year-end” and eventually lost to Sabalenka.After the end of Zhuhai’s “Small Year End”, Bertens rushed to Shenzhen by boat. She is now ranked 10th in the world as the “first substitute” in the finals, and Kenning ranked 12th as the “second substitute.”If a player retires, Bertens will take the lead as a substitute.This afternoon, Naomi Osaka, who was divided into the red group, announced his retirement due to a right shoulder injury.According to the rules of the year-end finals, Bertens will replace Naomi Osaka in the remaining two group matches.Temporary substitute came on, did not affect the status of Bertens, she lost the first set 3-6, reversed the top seed Batty 6-4, 6-4, won in 6 matches between the two sidesFirst win.If he can beat Ben Sic in the next round, Bertens still has the opportunity to qualify from the red group.This game also made Bertens become another player who participated in the year-end finals in the same season after Bartoli in 2011.However, following the WTA points rules, if a player is participating in both year-end and end-of-year competitions at the same time, the world ranking points will only be taken at the highest event, not at the same time.Last week in Zhuhai’s “End of the Year”, runner-up Bertens scored 440 points.Arriving in Shenzhen this week to participate in the “end of the year”, Bertens also gained a lot.After defeating Batty tonight, Bertens scored 250 points. If he wins Ben Sic again in the next round, Bertens can get at least 500 points in Shenzhen. She will also be ranked by 500 points in the world ranking next week.Count towards.Of course, even if the points cannot be achieved at the same time, Bertens earns a lot of money in the two-year finals.In Zhuhai, the runner-up brought 36 for Bertens.$ 10,000 bonus.Coming to Shenzhen at the “end of the year”, Bertens’ income has greatly increased.According to the rules for the distribution of prize money in the Finals, the group stage can get US $ 220,000 in one appearance, and another 30 for winning.$ 50,000.In this match against Batty tonight, Bertens scored 52.$ 50,000 bonus.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Liu Baoqing