Can a solar water heater boil water?

You can drink boiling water in an electric kettle. Can you drink water heated to 100 degrees with a solar water heater?

A curious reader, Ms. Zhang, called to ask a question that you might have questions about but couldn’t answer.

  With this question, we ask the experts.

The answer is that the water stored in the water heater may breed bacteria and contaminate the previously boiled water.

For health, it’s better not to save on gas.

  Shows that the water temperature is 100 ° C. Can this “boiling water” be drinkable? Ms. Zhang’s home is equipped with a solar water heater, which is usually used for bathing.

Most people install water heaters for bathing convenience.

To drink water, you usually use a water dispenser, an electric teapot, or buy mineral water directly.

Few people drink water from water heaters, and few people think about it.

  But when it is hot, the solar temperature display shows that the water temperature reaches 100 ° C.

Suddenly, Ms. Zhang had an interesting idea.

If the water in the water heater is drinkable, it is both energy-saving and convenient, why not use it.

  100 degrees is boiling water, I think I should be able to drink it, but my friends say it wo n’t work. The water in the water heater is not good. I want to ask the experts, my friend and me, is that right?

  This reader has a good idea, convenient and low carbon.

But is it feasible?

We helped you consult an expert.

  It has been sterilized above 70 ° C, but the water storage tank is likely to cause cycle pollution. The purpose of placing it after heating tap water is to eliminate the bacteria in the tap water and make the tap water more hygienic. Generally, it will not be consumed until it is boiling, that is, boiled.

  But in fact, as long as the fresh tap water is heated above 70 ° C, the bacteria in it can be completely killed and it is acceptable.

If you use an electric kettle, or an electric water heater, gas water heater, or solar water heater for heating, this has nothing to do with whether the tap water can be connected. In theory, fresh tap water heated by the water heater can be drunk.

  But in daily life, why don’t we drink water heated by a water heater?

Professor Pan said that this is mainly because, whether it is a solar water heater or an electric water heater, there is a water storage tank, and the unused water is stored in it. Over time, it may breed bacteria and contaminate the previously boiling water.

In this case, water cannot be drunk.

Moreover, even if the outlet temperature is guaranteed to be 100 ° C, it cannot be ruled out that the plastic outlet pipe is heated to release poison.

  Gas water heaters store less water, but it is too uneconomical to use boiling water to ask a professor, and the reporter went to Hangzhou Sakura Health Kitchen Co., Ltd.’s service point.

  We do not recommend that everyone admit it.

  The staff took the reporter to see the internal structure of the electric water heater and gas water heater.

The electric water heater can burn up to 75 milliliters, cold water enters, the heating tube heats up, hot water floats upwards, impurities also sink to the bottom, and there are magnesium rods inside, which are used as purification containers.

Once the upper layer of hot water is released, the cold water will automatically enter again and the temperature will drop.

The more hot water is put in, the more cold water gets in.

  In addition, when the electric water heater is not in use, there is still water in the reservoir. Such water is not fresh and is not suitable for storage.

  The gas water heater also has a water storage tank, but its storage tank capacity is not large.

After the tap water is in, it can be used immediately after heating, there is no problem of water not circulating.

The highest temperature it can burn can reach 70 ° C.

Should be able to drink it.

But we have overlooked a practical issue.

Usually, everyone takes a bath with water set at about 40 ° C. To burn the water to 70 ° C, it is necessary to consume a lot of gas.

Initially it was not worth economically, nor was it worth the water heater itself.

  Huang Ming solar water heater staff also pointed out the “not recommended replacement” answer.Their answer is that the heat collecting tubes in the water heater may breed bacteria and pollute the water source.

This kind of water bath is no problem, it is not suitable for the time being.