17-year-old Xu Shilin became the top seed of the Australian Open Youth Competition, may be the next Li Na
Minnan.com, January 26. The Australian Open youth match started the day before. Just 17-year-old Xu Shilin appeared at the Melbourne Park as the number one seed. She also became the first Grand Slam number one seed in Chinese tennis history.From the end of 2014 to becoming the first women’s single of the International Networking Federation, to the Australian Open as the number one seed, this is the height that Li Na has failed to reach.Xu Shilin started to study in the United States at the age of 8 and became a youth group last year.1  This new generation player from Guangdong has been learning to play tennis in the United States since he was 8 years old.Xu Yang, a father of tennis coaches, worked around to raise expensive tuition fees for Xu Shilin. After school, the father and daughter could only practice on public tennis courts in the United States.Three years later, Xu Shilin received a full scholarship from the US International Tennis School for her talents and achievements.Today, an entrepreneurial friend of Xu Shilin’s father sponsors the father and daughter in his own name.  All efforts and efforts ushered in the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games. 16-year-old Xu Shilin won the Youth Olympic Games and became the No. 1 player of the International Youth League in November.Several sponsors have been signed and won the media’s attention. Xu Shilin, who is fluent in English and quite open-minded, is regarded as Li Na’s successor.In Melbourne Park Stadium, Xu Shilin at least achieved the history that Li Na failed to achieve-she became the first top seed from China in the Grand Slam singles.I haven’t seen Li Na, but have been given guidance by Carlos. He is known as Li Na’s successor. Xu Shilin has become another focus in this Australian Open without Li Na.Many foreign media have focused their attention on Xu Shilin, and the topic is to fill the vacancy left by Li Na.Wang Peng, head coach of China Women’s Net, also believes that Xu Shilin has the conditions to become the next Li Na.  However, regarding the name of Li Na’s successor, which is widely followed by the media, Xu Shilin revealed that he had never seen Li Na.We don’t know, but if we have the opportunity to ask her for advice.However, Xu Shilin had an exchange with Master Li Naen Carlos, and got Carlos’s advice for two months.Counting, Xu Shilin is also Li Na’s sister.According to Xu Yang, Xu Shilin’s technology advanced by leaps and bounds during those two months of guidance.With a personality of Europe and America, he has become the world’s first    as the number one seed in the Australian Open. Xu Shilin’s future is very promising.With a pretty personality in Europe and America, Xu Shilin shouted his tennis career goals and became the world’s number one!  In Xu Shilin’s plan, the Australian Open won the youth championship, and in the future will be transferred to the real professional field, saying goodbye to the youth field.In this Australian Open competition, Xu Shilin has hired a new foreign coach.After the Youth Olympic Games, Xu Shilin won the Guangzhou Open, Wuhan Open and China Open with his outstanding performance. He has played against top players such as Wimbledon runner-up Liski.The future of the 17-year-old star is already full of imagination.相关新闻莎娃让彭帅吞蛋  昨天,2015澳网女单第四轮展开焦点战,中国金花彭帅连丢两盘以3:6、0:6不敌俄罗斯美女莎拉波娃,遗憾无缘八Strong.Despite losing, Peng Shuai has tied his best record in the Australian Open.  At the scene of the game, the reporter saw Peng Shuai bandaged on both legs.However, as far as the reporter knows, Peng Shuai’s injury is actually not on the leg, but on the spine, and the injury is not optimistic.In fact, the spine has always been an old injury, and there are often pains that press the nerves, so it is more troublesome.Now that the film has been sent to the German doctor, we have to wait for further results.Peng Shuai said.Peng Shuai coach Ma Weikai revealed that at the beginning of last year, Peng Shuai had experienced a career downturn and almost had plans to retire.(Fujio)