Nanjing Indoor Athletics World Championship countdown 100 days, emblem and slogan officially released
The Beijing News reported that the official website of the China Athletics Association reported that on December 4, 2020, the theme slogan and emblem of the Nanjing World IAAF Indoor Championships were released, and the mascot collection and countdown to the 100-day start ceremony was held in the Nanjing National Fitness Center.The 2020 World IAAF Indoor Championships will be held in Nanjing next March.Photo courtesy of the organizing committee March 13-15, 2020, the 2020 World IAAF Indoor Championships will be held in Nanjing. This is the first time that China has hosted the World Indoor Athletics Championships, and it has settled in China after the 2015 Beijing World Athletics Championships.The top track and field event is also the most important event of the IAAF before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.At present, the preliminary planning work is being carried out intensively and orderly. The first professional indoor track and field stadium “Nanjing Cube” newly built for the event has been initially completed, and the supporting hotel for the event, the “Yangtze River” complex hotel, is also about to start.On the New Year’s Day in 2020, it will be put into trial operation, and the team of the organizing committee of the competition has also stationed on the site for centralized office.The “Nanjing Rubik’s Cube” of Nanjing Indoor Athletics Stadium has been completed.The organizing committee provided pictures for the organizing committee. Through the selection, the theme slogan of this World Championship was “Nanjing Rubik’s Cube, Athletics’ Dream Cube in Nanjing, Athlete’s Dream”.It is reported that the first domestic professional indoor track and field stadium newly built for this competition has been completed, and the stadium looks like a Rubik’s cube. The theme slogan of this competition means that athletes from all over the world can set sail on the “Nanjing Rubik’s Cube” to realize their dreams of athletics.The emblem of the 2020 Nanjing World IAAF Indoor Championships.The emblem of the competition provided by the organizing committee is based on the latest W-shaped emblem requested by the IAAF, and is composed of the design elements of Nanjing ‘s initial letter “NJ” and the urban style.The whole is composed of purple and orange with the bright colors of the gradient, which not only shows the development speed of the city but also expresses the speed of the game.The emblem accurately combines the first letter of Nanjing “NJ”, where “N” is integrated with the iconic building of Nanjing. “J” is like a race track and an extension of an urban road, and is integrated with the city wall.The emblem reflects the Ming Dynasty city wall, a symbol of the beautiful ancient capital, and the landmark Zifeng Building, an innovative and famous city.At the launching ceremony, the organizing committee also widely solicited the mascot design for the 2020 Nanjing World IAAF Indoor Championships.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Li Ming