2015 German Tournament-Ding Junhui missed the lead game and suffered a reversal 4-5 round tour
On the evening of February 5, Beijing time, the 2015 World Snooker Masters entered the second match day.In the focus round of the first round, the world’s No. 1 defending champion Ding Junhui led three times and was tied three times. In the end, he was reversed by Welshman Ryan Dai 4-5 and suffered a round of the game.German Masters Ding Junhui’s first round of games last year, Ding Junhui reached the final 9-5. Lectum was successfully crowned the king. That was his fourth season of the five crowns in a single season, thus making it the first to reach the historic top in the world.basis.However, since the start of the new season, Ding Junhui has been unable to extricate himself from the low tide, and he has rarely fallen in the qualifying game more than once.This time when he returned to Germany, the prospect of the King of Berlin last year was worrying.  In the first round, Ding Junhui’s opponent was Ryan Dai, the 21st-ranked Welshman in the world.Before the two sides played 13 times, Ding Junhui had a 9 wins and 4 losses and was clearly dominant. Among them, last year’s German Masters semi-final, Ding Junhui stepped on Ryan Dai’s shoulder to finish the summit.However, it cannot be ignored that in the 2012 World Championships and the British Championships, Ryan Dai once knocked down Ding Junhui in the two most important ranking games. Therefore, for the downturned Ding Junhui, if you want to win the gameThe game is not easy.  The game adopted a nine-game five-win system. In the first game, after a lot of trial and error, Ryan Dai took the lead in a consecutive attack and only scored a 32-point cue ball to drop the bag. Ding Junhui also made the same mistake when trying to go to Taiwan.Ryan Day then scored 41 points to advance to the next city with 78-6.In the second game, Ding Junhui took the initiative of a beautiful security intrinsic passive as the initiative, scoring 41 points in a row around the black ball, and shifting the offensive basketball. In the end, Ding Junhui played 72 points in a single shot to chase the score on the field to 1-1.  In the third game, both of them made multiple mistakes, and the points were alternately lead.Fortunately, Ding Junhui seized the key opportunity through the last red ball, clearing the table with a single shot 32 to go to the next city 71-35, overtaking 2-1.In the fourth game, Ryan Dai completed the breakthrough with a precise far-off set twice, and scored a 65-point shot for the second time, shaking hands with each other again 2-2.  After the break, he returned to the game and entered the fifth game, wearing a defensive shot and leaking the middle bag. Although the angle was very large, Ding Junhui still succeeded. After hitting the black ball, he was lucky to form a comfortable drop line. He scored 74 points carelessly.The offending was interrupted by the ball.There are five red balls left on the table. Ryan Dai recovered 24 points and lost the penultimate red ball. Ding Junhui attacked again and won the game to lead Dai 3-2.  In the sixth game, Ryan Dai scored the second red ball turnover with 62-13 shots.Ding Junhui took a red ball to serve as a snooker and successfully scored 11 points.Dai countered, Ding Junhui sent two penalty points, once again sent the opponent over score, and the big miss situation, Ryan-Dai won the game 90-31, 3-3 tie Ding Junhui.  In the seventh inning, Ding Junhui scored a far-end combination goal twice in the tug of war.Ryan Dai tackled the flaw and Ding Junhui received another red ball to complete the super score 52-6.Ryan Dai scored the penultimate red ball and gave up the inning after turning the bag to attack the black ball. Ding Junhui took the lead in 4-3 to get the match point.  In the eighth inning, the two sent gifts to each other. Ding Junhui closed the red ball and chased it 45-47.Ryan-Dai scored a yellow ball and immediately dropped the green ball. Ding Junhui missed the winning ball with 57-49 shots. The pink ball remained unbiased in the corner of the bag and the field regenerated variables.Ryan Dai, who was on the first line of life, came back to life 62-57, and tied Ding Junhui 4-4. The two sides had to start a tiebreaker.  The final victory Ding Junhui found a breakthrough, Ryan Dai found a chance to attack successfully, and finally Dai single shot 82 points to lock the victory, Ding Junhui was then reversed 4-5, the defending champion suffered a terrible defeat.Ryan-Dai will face Burton in the 1/8 final after promotion, and will defeat Georgius 5-3 in the same game.(Moline)