Four major suspense to be solved in 2020
Christmas is over and the tennis season is about to start in 2020.As the beginning of the 20th century in the new century, there are four major suspense in the new season of tennis.With two match points wasted in the 2019 Wimbledon final, can Federer win another Grand Slam in 2020?Can Nadal, who holds 19 Grand Slams, catch up and even overtake Federer within a year?Can Djokovic complete the golden slam at the Tokyo Olympics?Can Tim, Medvedev, Sisippas, etc. post-90s break through the monopoly of the Big Three?Four suspense, to be announced one by one in the 2020 season.  Suspense 1 Can Federer win another Grand Slam?  In this year’s Wimbledon final, Federer has touched the championship trophy with one hand, but wasted the match points by Djokovic.The new season is about to start, Federer will continue to hit the 21st Grand Slam.  In the prediction of a four-time Grand Slam championship in a certain 2020 season, Federer won the Australian Open with a probability of 11%, much lower than Djokovic’s 47%.However, considering that Federer has won two championships in Melbourne in the past three years, and this year, the Australian Open venues have become faster, which does not rule out the possibility of upset.Of course, everyone knows that Federer ‘s first goal in the new season is Wimbledon. The probability of winning the championship is as high as 48%, leading Djokovic and Sisippas who are also 21%.  If the new season has some gains, Federer will be a Grand Slam for three consecutive years, but it is very difficult to accomplish this.You know that 15 of Federer’s 20 Grand Slams came from the 00s, and the frequency of championships is two a year.In the 10s, Federer had only five Grand Slams, and the frequency of winning the championship was one in two years. The Grand Slam champion shortage has also lasted for two years.As he grows another year, no one knows how Federer, 39, will be in this season.  In the opinion of coach Ljubicic, Federer’s current physical condition is all normal and he still has the ability to compete for the Grand Slam.Federer is currently training in Dubai, the Swiss said that the new season will win more championships, “If I can win a championship, the best is Wimbledon, the US Open, the Australian Open, it will be amazing results.”Federer said.  Suspense 3 Can Druid become a gold slam winner?  There are “slams” and “gold slams” in the tennis world. It is not easy to win the “slams”. If you can win another Olympic gold medal to complete the “gold slam”, it will be more difficult.Good at only Agassi, Nadal gold slam winners.2020 is exactly the Olympic year, Federer, Djokovic may usher in the last chance to hit the gold slam.  In recent seasons, Federer’s schedule has been quite cautious. The Olympics is no longer his first goal. He also missed the Rio Olympics three years ago.On Monday, Federer basically confirmed the first schedule for the 2020 season, and the Tokyo Olympics were included.But everyone knows that with the Olympic rankings, winning a Grand Slam is Federer’s most important thing.  Ranking Federer, Djokovic’s desire for the Olympic gold medal is greatly increased.Druid returned to the Olympic Games in the previous three games. He won a bronze medal in the Beijing Olympic Games. The bronze medal in the London Olympic Games lost to Del Potro. The Rio Olympics was swept by Del Potro in the first round.  This year’s Asian season, Djokovic did not come to Beijing to participate in the Chinese Open, and even went to Japan to participate in the Tokyo Open.In addition to commercial considerations, he is also looking for feelings at the Tokyo Olympics.  ”I participated in the ATP Tokyo Open this year. The Olympics will be antiques on the same stadium. The venue is more suitable for me.”Djokovic is looking forward to his fourth Olympic trip.  After winning the French Open in 2016, Djokovic completed the grand slam.If he can harvest another Olympic gold medal, Djokovic’s career will be more successful.In the past ten years, Djokovic has won 15 Grand Slams, won four year-end finals, and won the year-end first five times. These data are all ahead of Federer and Nadal.  Suspense 2 Can Nadal overtake Federer?  After winning the French Open in 2019, after the US Open, the number of Nadal Grand Slams is only one step away from Federer, and the GOAT (best in history) battle resurrected.  Three weeks later, the annual Grand Slam reorganization of Melbourne opened, but the Australian Open has never been Nadalford.Of the 19 Spanish Grand Slams, only one came from Melbourne, and it was a distant 2009.However, Nadal has gradually improved his style of play over the past few years, and his hard ground strength should not be underestimated.In the past three years, Nadal has won two US Open titles and two Australian Open finals. Such a performance has never been seen before.  Even if he can’t win the Australian Open, Nadal will most likely tie Federer after the French Open.In the past 15 times he has played in the French Open. Nadal has won 12 championships. Roland Garros can be called his own back garden.  Previously, the outside world always thought that Nadal’s play was extremely consumptive to the body. Not many people were optimistic that he could have a healthy and lasting career, but the Spaniard is about to start his 18th season.Even the new season can’t be surpassed, considering that Nadal is 5 years younger than Federer, it is only a matter of time before the Swiss can be surpassed.  Federer has repeatedly stated that the competition with Nadal is incredible, they make each other better.Roig, a member of the Nadal team, also said, “If Nadal stops fighting, Federer may have retired long ago.”At present, Federer, Nadal and Djokovic have 20, 19 and 16 Grand Slams in sequence.No one knows how this ranking will change after the end of the 2020 season.  On this topic, Federer also mentioned in the South American exhibition game, “I can’t stop them, I can only control what I can control.I was very happy and proud when I surpassed Sampras (14 Grand Slams).If they can break the record, they should also be very happy.”Can suspense 4 break the monopoly of the Big Three after 90?”  Since 2003, Federer, Nadal and Djokovic have jointly taken 55 Grand Slams.Under the monopoly of the “Big Three”, countless players were brutally suppressed.Nowadays, the oldest post-90s players will also stand in the same year, but they have never been able to complete a breakthrough in the Grand Slam.With the rise of young players such as Medvedev, Sisippas, etc., the 2020 season becomes suspenseful.  In the 2019 season, the men’s tennis are full of new ideas, which has not been seen in recent seasons.Tim and Sisipas both completed the season killing of the Big Three, coupled with the rise of Medvedov and the recovery of Zverev, the post-90s finally formed a group shock mode.In the year-end finals, the post-90s players overwhelmed the post-80s for the first time.  In the 2019 season, Tim and Medvedev successively scored in the French Open. In the US Open final, Sisipas also won the year-end finals championship. They made the new season look full of suspense.  ”Nadal, Djokovic and Federer will always be there and will not easily give way. All we have to do is surpass them. This is my biggest challenge next year.21-year-old Sisipas set three goals for his 2020 season: winning a Grand Slam, winning a Masters, and returning to the year-end finals.  Scored with Sisipass, Tim and Medved are closer to the Grand Slam.Tim has reached the French Open final for two consecutive years, and Medvedev almost pulled Nadal off the US Open final.From the analysis data of the four major championships in the new season, Medvedev is already the most popular US Open with a probability of winning 47%. This data is far ahead of Sisipass (21%) and Djokovic (11%)).  This version of the author / sauna, night net Sun Haiguang this version of the picture / sports