Let your skin go happy on weekends

Like all inspiring urbanites, they yearn for the weekend and two days of freedom and ease.

Go shopping, have a drink with friends, and go on a picnic with his beloved . The weekend plan is full and romantic.

  But no matter how rich the plan is, there is one thing you must do to care for yourself-to fuel your skin.

The fast-paced work of the past week has left you no time to take care of your “second piece of clothing.” Take advantage of the situation in these two days to take good care of yourself and make yourself more glorious on the weekend.

  After a week’s hard work, the whole body’s skin is like a mood and exhausted.

At this time, you need to take a hot bath to relax your skin and mood at the same time.

Put half of the bathtub in warm water, 40 degrees is appropriate, sprinkle bath salt and fragrant flowers in the water.

: Sound, let the melodious music linger, fully focus the body on the embrace of water, keep your mind away from all the hustle and bustle, and slowly enter the state of meditation. The body and mind will completely stretch and lighten in this wonderful state.

  In good weather, people have a good mood, but it must not be ignored that the ultraviolet rays are always harmful to the skin.

You need a sunscreen and a moisturizing cream or lotion to protect you from UV rays and give your skin sufficient nutrients.

  Apply a light powder to make the skin appear fairer and softer; apply a little bright eyeshadow on the eyelids to brighten up the eyes, and apply a light natural color lipstick. The pink lips are slightly refreshed and refreshing.

  : Wardrobe, in bright weather, wear a brightly colored casual outfit.

Lift up the exquisite small handbag and turn around in front of the mirror to get rid of a fresh jade person.

  Lightly walking through the busy city, you are a gorgeous scenery, but also a dazzling angel.

Take care of your skin, take care of yourself.

Set off for happiness on the weekends, and more energetic in the new week.