2015 Women’s World Cup-Chinese Women’s 2-2 2nd qualifying Wang Shanshan Wang Lisi broke the goal
At 7:30 on June 16, Beijing time, in the third round of the 2015 Women’s World Cup group stage, the Chinese women’s football team 2-2 drew with the New Zealand team, and finally ranked second in the group to break into the top 16.In the 28th minute, the New Zealand team took advantage of the corner kick by Doster to break the goal. In the 40th minute, Wang Lisi made a penalty and took the penalty. In the second half, Wang Shanshan overtook the score for the Chinese team and Wilkinson quickly equalized.The Chinese women’s football team celebrated scoring    in the first game, 0-1 defeating the host Canada, and the second game was a 1-0 lore in the Netherlands with the momentum of Changhong. The Chinese women’s football team ranked second in the group after scoring 3 points in the first two rounds.The New Zealand team with the weakest team in the final battle, the Chinese team will be able to win the victory.The New Zealand team is currently ranked 17th in FIFA, only one place lower than the Chinese team.However, in the previous 16 encounters between the two sides, the Chinese team had an absolute upper hand with 13 wins, 3 losses, 40 goals and 10 goals. Among them, two matches in the World Cup finals, and the Chinese team played as the host in 1991. 4-1 took advantage of the opponent, and in 2007 the Chinese team won 2-0 at home.Hao Wei was expelled from the game. The New Zealand coach refused to shake hands with Hao Wei. Hao Wei’s campaign discharged exactly the same starter as the previous round against the Netherlands. Wang Fei was injured and played.The two teams started a fierce fight after the opening. In the 3rd minute, the Middle Ages kicked the right corner, the first point was cleared, Wang Shanshan volleyed volley and Naylor struggled to save the bottom line.Then Wang Lisi took the corner kick to recreate the threat, Ren Guixin grabbed a spot and threw his head to attack the goal was saved by the goalkeeper.In the 13th minute, Han Peng broke through on the left and sent a pass. Naylor made a save and failed to touch the ball. Tang Jiali, who grabbed the point, was a little slower and unfortunately missed the landing.In the 19th minute, Hearn’s long shot outside the penalty area missed the goal.新西兰女足破门  放手一搏的新西兰队在第28分钟率先破门——佩西瓦尔主罚左侧角球送到中路,门前双方总共4人争抢都没有碰到,球落到后点,斯多Special ball volleys to score from near corner!In the 32nd minute, Wang Lisi equalized the penalty kick. In the 32nd minute, Wang Lisi took a free kick and directly hit the corner. Naylor jumped the corner to save the bottom line. The corner kicked by Wang Lisi was directly turned to the gate, and then Nail was saved sideways.In the 38th minute, the New Zealand team made a long pass from the right. Hearn pressed the Chinese defender to score a header and missed the goal slightly.The Chinese team equalized the score in the 40th minute-Wang Lisi took the ball in the penalty area and was clearly reached by Hasselt to block the penalty!Wang Lisi took the penalty and hit the left corner to enter the net. Erin Naylor judged the right direction but did not touch it, 1-1!Wang Shanshan header header    changed side in the second half to fight again, the New Zealand team without retreat will continue to change the two will strengthen the offense.The Chinese team surpassed the score in the 60th minute-captain Wu Haiyan received the ball on the right and passed the ball to the middle of the penalty area. Wang Shanshan plugged in and grabbed the header before the goalkeeper scored the goal, 2-1!New Zealand chased 2-2  The New Zealand team quickly leveled after 4 minutes-in the 64th minute, the New Zealand team went down from the left to the back point, Hern headed back to the middle, Wilkinson lost his focus and hit the goal into the empty goal, 2-2.  In the 72nd minute, the Chinese team adjusted and the teenager Wang Shuang came on to replace Tang Jiali.In the 77th minute, Wang Lisi sent an accurate cross from the right, and Wang Shanshan plugged in the grab point and missed the empty goal with a slow half-shot.In the 82nd minute, an episode appeared on the court. A fan jumped from the stands and rushed into the stadium. The game was suspended.In the 84th minute, Wang Shuang took a free kick to the back point. Wang Shanshan inserted his leg to complete the shot and the ball hung to the far corner, but the opponent goalkeeper Naylor made a wonderful jump to save the ball.现场球迷乱入王霜马赛回旋  90分钟战罢,中国队2-2战平新西兰队,另一场比赛加拿大1-1战平荷兰,中国队与荷兰同积4分,中国队凭借进球优势力The Netherlands won the second round of the group and advanced to the round of 16, and the 1/8 knockout will face the second place in Group C.Goal information-   In the 28th minute, the New Zealand team kicked the goal in a chaotic fight by Stott.  In the 40th minute, Wang Lisi made a penalty and personally took the penalty.  In the 60th minute, Wang Shanshan received a header from Wu Haiyan to pass the goal and overtake the score.  In the 64th minute, Wilkinson pushed in front of the door and succeeded.黄牌信息——  中国队:刘杉杉(75’)王霜(86’)  新西兰队:阿比-埃尔塞格(83’)邓肯(86’)双方首发及换人——  中国队:(4-4-2)12-王飞;2-刘杉杉、6-李冬娜、14-赵容、5-吴海燕;18-韩鹏(83’16-娄佳惠)、19-谭茹殷、21-王丽思(93’10-李影)、23-任桂辛;9-王珊珊、13-唐佳丽(72’11-王霜)  新西兰队:(4-3-3)1-奈勒;2-佩西瓦尔、5-埃尔赛格、6-斯多特、7-莱丽;4-邓肯、12-哈赛特(46’14-凯蒂-鲍文)、16-隆戈;9-赫恩、10-格雷格纽斯(46’13-怀特8’11-科斯蒂)、17-威尔金森(邰晓鹏)